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Passionate about crafting fresh, viable solutions for real-word problems through understanding the whole person, creating streamlined user flows, and visual cues that give users the confidence and clarity to complete the task at hand.

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I’m an outdoors lovers at heart with a list of DIY projects to fit in between redesign strategies, paddle boarding adventures and coaching high school field hockey and lacrosse. I look at all aspects of life with the lens of how can I make this more useful, easier and efficient than it was so I can spend more time doing the things I love.

Latest Video

DESIGN PROCESS: Time lapse video using Sketch of National Park Service Landing Page UI

Stickers for AHS LAx & FHockey

I have been coaching at my high school alma mater since 2010 with the head coach I played for during high school. I have grown, learned and loved every moment both the practices that are full of laughs and those that leave me brainstorming for other ways to motivate and fire up the girls. Since the 1980s, Annandale High School's student body has been well-recognized for its high level of racial and cultural diversity. As for everyone, COVID-19 has changed a lot. Out of precaution, the girls fundraising efforts have been put on hold and we have been brainstorming new ideas. Below are 3 sticker design that can be purchased on to support them.

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